The 30 Plus Club Inc.

o/a Singles Dance & Social Club

Article 1:  Name

The name of the Organization shall be ‘The 30 Plus Club Inc.’ operating as the ‘Singles Dance & Social Club”.

Article 2:  Purpose

The purpose of the ‘Singles Dance & Social Club’ is to organize social activities for single men and women who are thirty years of age or older.

Article 3:  Membership

To be considered for membership in the Club, a person shall be single, separated, divorced, or widowed, thirty (30) years of age or older, and dues paid up to date.

Prospective members may be admitted to the Club after a written application has been submitted to and approved by the Executive of the Club.

Any membership may be terminated by the Executive, as outlined under the discipline rules.

Membership dues shall be based on the Club’s fiscal year.  The dues shall be for twelve (12) months and will normally be set for the coming year at the Annual General Meeting.  The Executive shall have the option to waive a portion of the dues for a new member joining part way through the year or refund/delay dues in special circumstances.  Annual membership status terminates at the end of the fiscal year and is only renewed upon full payment of outstanding dues.  Any person, whose dues remain outstanding after twelve (12) months, must re-apply for membership.


With the exception of two (2) active members who marry, they may avail of the following option.  At marriage, membership ceases.  The couple shall then become 30 Plus Singles Club Alumni.  They shall pay no dues nor have any say in the general running of the Club.  They shall not attend Monthly Meetings or the Annual General Meeting. 

Article 4:  Directors (Officers)

The Club shall have a minimum of three (3) and a maximum of eight (8) Directors.  The Directors of the Club shall be:  President, First Vice-President, Second Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer, Member Liaison Officer and Immediate Past President.  These same Directors shall constitute the Executive Committee (the Executive).

Any Member of the Club may serve as a Director of the Club following a 6 Month Membership.  The Term of office for all Directors shall end with the club’s fiscal year.

The transfer of records and Club’s property from the past Executive to the new Executive shall take place at or before the first Executive Meeting following elections.

Duties of the Directors shall be as defined by the Executive and approved by the general membership.

Revised November 11, 2021     

The Executive and former Executive Members are entrusted with private and sensitive matters concerning the Club’s members.  These items are to be confidential at all times.

Article 5:  Nominations and Election

Nominations may be made at the meeting immediately before the Annual General Meeting and also at the Annual General Meeting.

Any member of the club is eligible to be nominated for a position of the Executive as long as they have been a Member for a period of 6 consecutive months.

Each member of the Executive shall be elected to one office only.

The election of Directors shall normally be held at the Annual General Meeting.

The Directors shall normally be elected in the following order:  President, First Vice-President, Second Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer and Member Liaison Officer.  Ballots for each office shall be received, counted and reported before proceeding with the election of the next succeeding Director.

Elections shall be by secret ballot.  Those members present are eligible to vote.  A majority vote, fifty percent (50%) of the votes cast plus one shall be required in order for a winner to be declared for any position.  Should a majority not be obtained on the first ballot for any position, the candidate having the fewest number of the votes cast shall be dropped from the ballot and a new vote taken based on the revised list of nominees.  This procedure shall be repeated until one candidate has a majority of the votes cast.  At least two (2) members shall be appointed to count the ballots.  Each candidate is entitled to have one scrutineer observe the count of the ballots.

Should an Executive position become vacant during the term, the position shall be filled through an election at a General Meeting and shall follow the election procedures already defined.  Should there be no nominations to fill a vacant position; the Executive may make an interim appointment to the position.  Any such interim appointment must be ratified by the general membership at the next General Meeting.

Article 6:  Meetings

The Club shall hold five (5) General Meetings per year, one of which shall be the Annual General Meeting.  The meetings shall be scheduled by the Executive.

Executive Meetings shall be held as determined by the serving Executive.

The Annual General Meeting shall normally be held during the month of March.  The purpose of the Annual General Meeting shall be to approve the minutes of the previous Annual General meeting, hear the annual reports of the Directors, to consider amendments to the Constitution, and to conduct the election of officers for the coming year.

A Special Meeting to address a specific item of business must be called when a written request is made to the Executive signed by at least ten percent (10%) of the membership.  The special meeting must be scheduled within thirty (30) days of the written request being received by the Executive.  The Executive may also, on its own initiative, call a Special Meeting at any time. Seven (7) days’ notice must be given to the general membership before convening a Special Meeting.                                              

Article 7:  Finance

The fiscal year of the Club shall begin on the first day of April each year.                                 

The financial records of the Club shall be audited on a fiscal year basis.  The auditor shall be approved by the general membership.  The Club bank account must have at least two (2) signing Directors, one of who shall normally be the Club Treasurer.                                                                                                                                                                                                                           

A Budget of estimated income and expenditures for the fiscal year shall be adopted at a General Membership Meeting.  The meeting shall be held no later than the end of the second month following the end of the fiscal year.  The approval of this budget constitutes the authority of the Executive to spend the funds outlined.  Any disbursement(s) for any event that exceeds the budgeted amount by ten percent (10%) shall require the approval by the general membership. 

The Executive shall have the authority to spend a sum not to exceed two hundred dollars ($200.00) for any one expenditure. 

The financial records of the Club may be examined by any member of the club, upon written request to the Executive, at any time upon arranging a satisfactory time.  Such request must be acted upon no later than thirty (30) days after receiving the request.

Article 8:  Administration

RemunerationNo Director or Member of the Club shall receive any remuneration from the Club for performing the normal duties of the Executive or committee member.  Reimbursement shall be made for the approved out of pocket expenses incurred on behalf of the Club.

Signing Officers – The President and First Vice-President shall be the signing officers of the club for any business transaction other than the signing of cheques.


General Meeting – Ten Percent (10%) of the Membership
Executive Meeting – Three (3) Members of the Executive
Annual General Meeting – Twenty percent (20%) of the Membership.  Should a quorum not be present at the Annual General Meeting, it shall be re-scheduled by a majority vote of those present.
Special Meeting – Ten percent (10%)  of the Membership


Article 9:  Club Events

Fees to attend any event shall be as established by the Executive with subsequent approval by the General Membership.

Dress at any event other than at a designated Theme Event shall be proper dress.

Proper Dress

The Club has recently relaxed the Dress Code for our Dances on a trial basis.  Jeans in good condition with no holes or tears will now be allowed at our dances.  To be reviewed at a later date.


Article 10:  Discipline

The Executive shall normally be the arbiters in matters of discipline.  No person shall act in any manner or way, at a Club sponsored function that is, considered detrimental to the Club, its members or guests.  Should the Executive find that a person has committed such an act, the following actions may be taken.  

When this is a first occurrence – by a person or persons.

Issue a written warning; or:
For a Club Member, issue a suspension of up to three (3) months or to a non-member (guest) a ban from attending Club activities/events for up to three (3) months; or
In more serious circumstances, for a Member, the immediate termination of membership,
For a Non-Member, an immediate permanent ban from attending Club activities/events.

    When this is a second occurrence by a person or persons:

For a Member – immediate termination of Membership
For a Non-Member – immediate permanent ban from attending Club activities/events.
Where a termination of Membership has taken place, the member whose Membership has been terminated has the right to appeal the termination of Membership.  Notification of the appeal must be in writing and sent to the Club address by Registered Mail no later than thirty (30) days after receipt by the member of the Notice of termination.  The appeal shall be heard within thirty (30) days upon signed receipt of the notice to appeal the decision.  He or she shall appear before a committee consisting of the following: one member chosen by the Executive, one Member chosen by the person whose Membership has been terminated, and one person (who may or may not be a member) agreed to by both the Executive and the person whose Membership was terminated.  The decision of this committee shall be final.  The person who filed the appeal shall be notified of the decision by Registered Mail.

Article 11:  Court of Final Appeal

With the exception of a decision by the appeal committee for termination of Membership, in all other cases, a Special Meeting may be called to appeal any decision made by the Executive.

Article 12:  Rules of Order

Where official business must be conducted, (i.e. motions, approval of minutes, approval of reports, etc.) Robert’s Rules of Order shall be authority consulted.  Where there is a dispute over interpretation, the decision of the Chairperson of the meeting shall normally prevail.

Article 13:  Amendments to the Constitution

This Constitution may be amended at any General Meeting where a quorum is present and where at least thirty

(30) Days’ Notice of Motion is given.  Any such change shall require a two-thirds (2/3) majority vote of those members present.